I got the sense that there was a day node in the daily node, maybe two if you are preparing for tomorrow, and then the daily node got moved somewhere. Also assumed that the monthly child nodes were blanked each day as items were moved. I think I need to watch the video again and focus more on the housekeeping. No need to respond to this one. Thanks.

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Great explanation thanks. A bit too much activity for me. Lots of touches for tasks. Which is why my lazy a$$ prefers WF dates I suppose.

One question though. Items are either copied or mirrored from Month in the demo. Is there a reason they aren't just moved? Another way of asking which day gets moved to archive, daily or monthly? I'm missing a bit of the plumbing I think. Thanks

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Hey Cal, the reason for duplicating or mirroring vs just moving is so you have multiple ways to view your information. The daily log lets you view it in a linear timeline fashion, and the monthly log show you all the things you're scheduling on your calendar (there's likely some overlap but maybe not). The thinking is that you're likely putting different types of things in the monthly log, and so having a way to view them without all the other tasks and notes could be useful.

If that seems like too much work or if it's not very useful based on the types of things you would put in the monthly log then simply moving things from one log to another would probably a better option.

Another option would be what you mention, moving things from one log to the other and then when it comes time to archive some stuff in the daily log, just create a bullet for the past month, drop everything in there and done.

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